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【Price of mineral water and dispenser】


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Why recommend FRECIOUS Fuji?

Do you have such troubles in your daily life?


In Hong Kong, you won't be able to drink tap water directly.

Instead most likely you will consume distilled water or expensive overseas natural water.

Do you guys had those unpleasant experiences at home?

Make boiled water every day

Do you used to make a lot of water every for cooking nor for drinking propose in advance?

Instead would you like to use time wisely?


The purified water is not delicious

Water purifier cartridges aren't perfect. Have you ever encounter like brown water  came out of sudden?

Due to the nature of the product, it can't be resolved100%, so may have a unique taste.

Delivery service isn’t good

Hong Kong's deliver gallon(s) of distilled water bottle. Due to that the bottle may become dirty or it won't be delivered on time.

By the way Does your water server have a cleaning function?

FRECIOUS Fiji solves all these problems

Cold and hot water is always available

FRECIOUS Fuji's water server is eco-friendly and costs about half the normal electricity bill.

Since it's including an auto-clean function, inside is always hygienic.

So You can have cold or hot water whenever you want.

Fresh and safe natural mineral water

FRECIOUS Fuji is sold by manufacturer directly. We will send the water once it's collected from Mt. Fuji directly.
Lightweight 9.3 liter PET bottles can be thrown away in small batches once they are used up.

So Customers can drink fresh and safe natural water.

Delivered by a dedicated delivery person

In Hong Kong, you can be rest assured. because our dedicated deliverer will do Door to Door service by deliciated van.

You can specify the delivery date and time with the app, so water will be delivered to your home when you need it.

Delivery fee is also free.


FRECIOUS, used by 400,000 people in Japan, is available in Hong Kong

The latest compact water dispenser and the finest mineral water


Received the Good Design Award


Water dispenser



・Simple design and high functionality

・Cold, hot, normal temperature water

・Installed from below, so it can be replaced easily

・Inject water without bending, so posture easily

・You can also put a pot or a water bottle

・Almost magazine size

・W:290mm H:1110mm D:350mm


・The smallest size and can be placed anywhere

・Size that fits the residential in Hong Kong

・Cold, hot, normal temperature water

・Quiet design allows to put it in bedroom

・UV LED built-in auto clean function

・Almost A4 notebook size

・W:245mm H:595mm D:290mm


Natural mineral water grown on Mt. Fuji


About FRECIOUS Fuji water

Best water sampling point

Our factory is located at an altitude of 1,000m in the national park.
By digging 273m underground from here, we have been collecting polished natural water from multiple basalt layers for several decades after falling to the surface of Mt. Fuji.

Infinitely clean water

There are few artificial buildings above our factory. Therefore, we can deliver clean water with almost zero nitrate and nitrite nitrogen, which are said to be carcinogens.

Exquisite mineral balance

Soft water with a hardness of 24 mg can be drunk as it is. In addition to that, the taste of tea and coffee is further enhanced.
The secret of natural water, which is weakly alkaline and has an exquisite mineral balance, is refreshingly sweet.


FRECIOUS Fuji is a ticket system

  • First of all, buy a water dispenser and a water ticket.
  • There are two 9.3L bottles of water in one box, and we will deliver them in units of two boxes.
  • Tickets are valid for 24 months after purchase.


 [Get Good Design Award]

  • 2 colors
  • Mat White  [Clean white but hard to get dirty]
  • Mat Black  [Design looks great placed in the living room]
  • Almost magazine size
  • W:290mm H:1110mm D:350mm
  • Price is 3,600HKD


[ Most compact but useful]

  • 2 colors
  • Mat White  [Clean white but hard to get dirty]
  • Mat Black  [Design looks great placed in the living room]
  • Almost A4 notebook size
  • W:245mm H:595mm D:290mm
  • Price is 3,600HKD

FRECIOUS Fuji PET9.3L bottle

  • The list price of one box is 360HKD, 180HKD per bottle.
  • Please purchase in ticket units.
  • The price is as follows.
Ticket Price Price per bottle
10boxes(20bottles)set 3,000HKD 150HKD
20boxes(40bottles)set 5,200HKD 130HKD
40boxes(80bottles)set 9,600HKD 120HKD

Don't miss this great opportunity! !!

Feel expensive?

Most stores in Hong Kong sell dispenser and water as a set. For home use, the price of water is about the same, so high-performance servers (made in China) are sold from 3,000HKD to 5,000HKD.

By comparison, the price for a dispenser that won the Good Design Award is reasonable.

In Hong Kong, Japanese water is sold at many supermarkets. The price is about 8HKD to 15HKD for 500ml.
If you convert FRECIOUS Fuji to 500ml, it will be 6.45HKD ~, which is reasonable.

We deliver it to your home at this price.

On our site in Japan, Slat sells for 49,500 yen (about 3,500 HKD).
In the case of dispenser rental, water is sold for 1,620 yen (about 116HKD).

We want to give you peace of mind that we will offer you the same amount of money as in Japan even if you spend the cost of exporting.

Life with FRECIOUS Fuji anytime

Imagine a life with a mineral water dispenser in your living room.
Anyone can drink cold and hot water whenever they want.

You will start to drink water on a regular basis instead of sugar and calorie drinks.
Contributing to the health of the family by creating a habit of drinking natural water.