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What’s the FRECIOUS Fuji eShop?

・The eShop can be used within the FURECIOUS Fuji app in Hong Kong.

・You can purchase selected products at special prices, including the finest fruits from Yamanashi Prefecture.

・Free shipping if delivered with FRECIOUS Fuji (9.3L) water! (Regular shipping $60, but free with purchase over $400)

・There is no cost to register or unsubscribe! You can use it in Japanese, English, and Chinese, so you don't have to worry.

・We can deliver it in the shortest on the next day! It is very convenient because you can also specify the delivery date and time! (Some products cannot be specified)


Products list

How to use the eShop

After downloading and installing, please register as a member.

After registering the necessary information and requesting an OTP, the password will be sent to your mobile phone.

Enter your password to complete member registration!

Tap the eShop at the bottom of the TOP screen to go to the FRECIOUS Fuji eShop!

Choose your favorite product and quantity and add it to your cart!


Check the order from the cart screen and proceed to the purchase procedure if there is no problem.

Free shipping if the total amount exceeds $400 or if the same shipping as 9.3L of water!

Choose your favorite product and quantity and add it to your cart!


Please specify the delivery address, desired delivery date and time, and receiving method.

When you're done, move on!


If you have a coupon, press the pink "Apply coupon code" button to select and register.

Finally, select the payment method, enter it, and then press the order confirmation button to complete!

If you register a credit card once, just select it from the second time onwards!